TAndra (aspasiaroma) wrote,

For Mr. Semir Osmanagich. Experiment with types of water from Visoko, Bosnia. Buckweat grains.

My lab with two microscopes
1. Medical with magnification up to 1000x
2. Stereo up to 80x

Experiment details.
1. Two tipes of grains were soaks in water from Visoko, Bosnia.
2. They were kept in warm room, with water changing every few hours.
3. I used magnification 100x, medical microscope with "cold light".

I can say that cells of the sprouts are very different in shape and size.
So the water from three sources made a difference.

1. First vertical row - water from tap in Sarajevo.
2. Secont vertical row - water from outside source in Ravne.
3. Third vertical row -  water from Pyramid of Moon.

There are sprouts from buckweat after three days.
Naked eye does not see too much difference. Maybe sprouts from the Sarajevo water are longer.
But see the pictures below.

Magnification 100x.
Cells of    sprouts are long, "thin".

Magnification 100x.
Cells are short and wide.

Magnification 100x.
Cells are long and  wide.
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