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For Mr. Semir Osmanagich. Camut sprouts from types of water in Bosnian Valley of Pyramids. Camut.

There are three types of water
1. From the tap in capital of Bosnia - Sarajevo.
2. From the font near Tunnel Ravne, (outside source),  Visoko.
3. From the font near the Pyramid for Moon (Luna).
You can see that in the first jar water in couple hours become "soapy" - this is from the Sarajevo.
Second jar a bit less "soapy" - Ravne.
Third jar - Luna, cleanest water.

1. Luna water have the most "growing" power.
2. Water from tap has something that transform alive substance to dead.

I rinsed the sprouts and put them to dry
1. Sarajevo
2. Ravne
3. Luna

5 days of sprouting.
Sarajevo water.
Grains from Camut hardly have some sprouts.

5 days of sprouting.
Ravne water.
There are more sprouts.

5 days of sprouting.
Luna water.
Sprouts are biggest by size and amount.

Quantity of the sprouts
1. 5-6 water from Sarajevo
2. More than 25 - water from outside source near Ravne
3. More than 40 - water from Luna

Sarajevo water.
Grains do not sproutes, but moulded and  soured.

Ravne water - good results.

Luna - best results.

The process of experiment.
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