TAndra (aspasiaroma) wrote,

Recording on ice (water) ultrasound from "Bosnian pyramid music". Tatiana Andreeva. Dipl.-Ing.

This is "music" of Bosnian pyramid  valley in Visoko.
Details of recording process you can see on the CD cover.
My experiment is such.
I take   few minutes record from one place, repeat it two or three times. To reach 10 minutes translation. Meanwhile containers with distilled water (I made the water myself) placed infront of "music". Than the water freezes. I do experiment in basement of my house, which is fully under ground, far from working or electrical items.

You can see three samples.

Pyramid of Moon "music".
Number 1.

Suddenly into clean low part structures rush.

Structures on the surface in line and plate shape.


Plato of Bosnian Pyramid of tne Sun.
Number 5.

Tight concentrical structure.
Clear separation from ice and bubbles.

Clean line in the middle.


This is sample from distilled water.
No musik from pyramid added.

Sample 1.

Sample 2.

Tags: Вода
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