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Version for Foundation. Ice recording of Sounds from Visoko. Bosnian Pyramid music.

This is "music" of Bosnian pyramid  valley in Visoko.
Details of recording process you can see on the CD cover.
My experiment is such.
I take   few minutes record from one place, repeat it two or three times. To reach 10 minutes translation. Meanwhile containers with distilled water (I made the water myself) placed infront of "music". Than the water freezes. In reality I made at least ten tests with each of trecks from CD. For article I choose the most specific  sample.
I do experiment in basement of my house, which is fully under ground, far from working or electrical items.

 Three recordings were used
number 4, Tumulus  Vratnica,
number 1, Pyramid of the Moon,
number 3, Pyramid of the Sun

Tumulus Vratnica, 7.83 Hz

Clear ice part of the sample is biggest in all my tests.
So, sound forces  bubbles of air concentrate in the middle of sample, and push them to upper part. So we get big chunk of clean ice, from which   some people make  "thaw or alive" water.
So to speake it is possible to improve the quality of our regular water.

Bosnian Pyramid of Moon. 7.83 Hz

The pattorn on Moon ice is similar to Vratnica ice, but not so perfect in shape.
On the upper view can see "space ship" shapes from tiny round bubbles.
On the side view  into clean low part of ice "wings" structure showes.

Bosnian Pyramid of Sun, 7.83 Hz
Sample 1.

Bosnian Pyramid of Sun, 7.83 Hz
Sample 2.

You can see, that there are some similaritied in bubbles pictures from the same place.
Bubbles-beams in those two samples take all space of ice. And this is different from ice-pictrures from Vratnica and Pyramid of Moon.
The sounds from these places for human ear also is very different.

This is sample from distilled water.
No musik from pyramid added.

Bubbles are similar in form and size.
They spread evenly in ice sample.
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