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Effect from the sounds of Bosnian pyramid on sprouting of seeds. Tatiana Andreeva. Dipl.-Ing.

Four different types of seeds. In my life I eat lentils sprouts, they tasty and easy to grow.
For experiment I took less "convenient" seed to grow. Like mustard, for exampe.

Experiment description.
Take dry seed from
1. Green lentils.
2. Mustard
3. Redish
4. Alfalfa
Than I soaked them for 24 hours in distilled water and (or) in distilled water, that was after use  "Bosnian pyramid music".
So I have two series  for evaluation - first (upper) line with distilled water
second (low) line with  distilled water after "Bosnian pyramid music",  played for 10 minutes.

Some notes.
The use of few minutes of ultrasound from Valley of Pyramid speed the growing process of sprouting around 2-3 days.
The roots of new sprouts become stronger in case of use of "pyramid music"

Disc with Bosnian pyramid music
Seeds in experiment after 24 h of soaking.
Now they grow for 3 days

Three days later.
Seed are rinsed and put on the paper for comparison.

There are no diffence in Mustard seeds.

Redish seeds are show some changes.

There are no sprouts in the bunch of distilled samples. They only started to break the shell. Five seeds in upper part of green container.
Six seed in low row have clear strong sprouts. This is from Music water.

Alfalfa shows the best results.
Upper part enlarged pictures, six seeds have developed roots and first two green leaves. Music water.
Low part on the picture with seeds, that have no green parts. They developed only roots. Without "music".

Lentils also show good results.
Left portion of seeds  on enlarged photo shows developed and dark colored roots and green stem with leaves. Music water.
There counterparts has less developed roots and no green stems. Water without "Bosnian music".
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