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No miracle here. Just you do not have to be bold. There are some ways out of boldness.

As you can see, I had quite clear "white star" above my forehead. I was bold. Not a great thing, you can say, but there was free from hair spot on front of my head. Few more on back side of the head. And hair itself become thinner and more grey every day.
So, as a doctor, I have interest in my health. As a phytotherapist  I know some things about healing modalities of native and historical people.
Decided to change my look. It is not true, that body does not change after 50. Is does change!

One answer to all emails. I do not take new patients, I closed my practice in Austria.
For interested in technique, we will continue our seminars in some cities in Europe.
Next seminar can be in July-August.
Suggestions to e-mail, please.

Tatiana Leimküller, M.D.,  Herbal Therapist.

I am bold. This is fact.

If you are a male, it is normally that you  has not hair in some parts.
But for woman it is not so.


First I shaved myself, to find where is the problem.
It is simple to work with head without hair. I know it.
You can see the difference in normal part of the head and the bold one. Color is not the same, thickness differ and so on.

I check my hair from bold part under microskope.
Enlargement is 100x.
There is not central clear stem in the body of the hair. The hair is not healthy.

The root of hair also is weak and wrong formed.


The main point of my technique, I call it "hot pressing". It is my "know-how", I keep it to myself, so have many bad words to my garden.
After the "hot pressing" hair started grow very rapidly.

One month later.
On the bold surface grow thick and dark hair.

Two month later. Hair grows.

Three month later.

Four month sater.

Since boldness become a history.

Hair under microskope.
Well formed stem.

Well formed root of the hair from "ex-boldness".
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