TAndra (aspasiaroma) wrote,

Home made pyramid. Some water experiments.

There are parts of metal, that I bought from OBI in Wien. In my capital apartment I made two trial versions of pyramids. I checked with pyramids sites, and most of them recommend to make pyramid in Giza Cheops pyramid  shape and proportion. So that one I took with me to our village.

First test of effects on water I performed in my garden in Bludesch, Austria.
You see how I usually put containers with distilled water (5 tests were made). One of them stays outside the pyramid, the other stays in pyramid on one thirds from the upper peak of structure. Samples stays three hours during the sunny day. Containers were close with the caps all the time, including the  time of freezing.

Left sample from pyramid.
Right sample from the garden.
Picture from buttom part.
Seems that pyramid organised the bubbles in sample. And it looks like little sun with thin long rays.
The space with clear ice is larger.

Pyramid sample.

Garden sample.

Pyramid sample.
Picture from the top.

Garden sample.
Picture from the top.
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