TAndra (aspasiaroma) wrote,

You can keep veggie and fruit without refriegerator. How? In pyramid.

The experiment in sunny room in apartment in Wien on the 4th floor. Day temperature was from 25 Celcius and up. There were two time tests
1. Eggs were left for 3 months.
2. Rest of produce was in the test 3 weeks.
In pyramid examined stuff was on different leves, more to the center.
Control group of veggie and fruit placed near pyramid on the shelf.

Eggs from pyramid after 3 months in sunny room.
I put them in boiled water and than ate. They were tasty.

The eggs from control group after 3 months. I did not eat them. Do not know their tast.

Left half is from pyramid.
Halves of the apple look the same. But their taste was different and on the break also differ. Flesh of pyramid half is strong and white colored.

You can see that tomato in pyramid stay fresh, tomato-counterpart is withered.
Left sample has sweet freshy taste, the right one tastless and watery.

Pyramid onions (left) saved well.
One of the room onion started to grow.

Pyramid pot plant (left) gave 15 flowers. Room pot plant gave 6 flowers.
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