TAndra (aspasiaroma) wrote,

Mini-pyramid has power to change water clasters . Activation of ice in few hours of influence.

This is ice part, that I took today morning from freezer.
This is result of water experiment with little pyramid from Paleolithic time.

Experiment details.

Foto 1.
I put distilled water in two containers.
On pictures they after freezer.

Foto 2.
Containers were put in living room on the third floor of my house in Austria.
No electric or working tools there.
One container is on the glass table, below is artefact from my Paleolithic collection. Around 10000-25000 years old.
Artefact on one side has almost perfectly shaped pyramid.
Control sample put on glass table 3 meters apart.


Foto 3.
I put container so, that imaginary axes of pyramid energy pointed into water.

Foto 4.
Artefact Halde14 Culture. I have few such interesting things with added extra part. You can see it on left side, I called such artefacts Composits. This Composit part also have few white images (faces). Right part above edge of cutting has pyramid shape.
I suggest that such artefact can have some meaning or power.


Foto 1 and 2.
This is from container near windows. No pyramid.

Foto 3.
Sample with pyramid.

Foto 4 and 5.
Details from previous picture.


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