TAndra (aspasiaroma) wrote,

Mini-sculptures from pre-historic Tunnel Ravne. Visoko, Bosnia.

Sculpture from two parts. One is brown stone and the other white quartz.
Dark part has many tiny pictures. The main interes is white portraits.
The sculpture is on my two fingers.

Detail. Head of the woman. See going up nose and half opened mouse.

The head. Big mouse, small eye.
No idea who is it.

The bird with long legs and beak in search for the food.

Fish. The three images from one stone.

Head of the lion?


Female head. See nose up and big eyes.

Animals. Technik of scretching with colouring. Blue and red.

Multicolored quartz.
Head with big nose, eye in the shape of a bird and beard.

Terrifying image.

The same image 180 grad upsidedown.

Tags: Археология

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