TAndra (aspasiaroma) wrote,

Tunnel Ravne. 30th April 2015. Замечательное открытие 21 века.

Day for entry in a new section of tunnel finally came. On April 30, 2015, with a full protective equipment, rubber boots and waterproof suits, lamps and compasses we were ready for adventure. The team consisted of the following members:

- Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Discoverer and Principal Investigator of Bosnian Pyramids
- Anela Preljević, B.C.in Archaeology (UCL London) and Foundation’s field archaeologist
- Mejra Kozlo, B.C. in Geology and Foundation’s field geologist of Foundation
- Engineer Osman Buza, assistant of Cantonal Minister for Economy
- Jock Doubleday, videographer and PR Director of the Foundation
- Edo Građan, employee of the Foundation



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