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Ancients knew soft stone. Древние знали мягкий камень. Вот Вам примеры.

It is visible indentations, that image had made as "pressing" or "pushing" into soft stuff with sort of stick. So, it seems, that soft material was put on one part of large obsidian stone. Than the soft material was worked with edged tool, than cristallised.
Magnification 80x. Stereomicroscope.

Two "human" images (female on our left is upsidedown) had made with the same technique.
It seems, that our ancesters knew material, that can be soft for awile, that become like a rock.
That material, by my experience, usually white or (and) blue).

Image from "blue paste".

Birds images.

Birds images.

Flower with the head of the bird?

"Plane" side of the stone. No "paste"; but lines.

Just a regular obsidian stone with paleolitic signs like triangles, beaks, lines.

Other side of stone.

Side with white and blue pictures.

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