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Sculptures from Bosnian Pyramid people? Ravne, Visoko. Скульптуры строителей пирамид в Боснии?

My opinion is that this is what I named "composite sculpture". Below there  also is a picture of "real stone"; that look like the first one, but different. This may be a representation of art from the people, that built Pyramid of Sun in Visoko. On the base on concrete, similar to concrete use in Pyramid, this "bird with red beak" was made. Few stones different colors and shapes were added to base from "cement". So sculpture can be from 10000 to 40000 years.
You can see, that master knew what he wants. There is  white eye, red bead, neck in there different stones and so on.

Первая фотка это то, что я называю "композитной скульптурой". Мастер из древнего мира сделал образ птицы с красным клювом, белым глазом. На основе бетона, который был использован в Пирамиде СОлнца, то есть мы говорим о времени создания артефакта от 10 до 40 тыс. лет назад

Other side of "bird with red beak". Here the formed neck is more obvious.

Другая сторона красноклювой птицы.

Few more exemples from yesterday excavation.
Little parrot.




Many images. Central stone was covered with red color, that went away after oviernight soaking.

Многообразный камень.

Another type of composite. To red monolit stone was added a
tiny snail shaped stone, between them clearly can be seen multistone "binding matter".

К монолиту добавлен плавник.

Tine pretty sculpture. Bird with large nose.

Птица с большим носом.
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