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Eye therapy from two previous years. Результаты улучшения зрения за два прошлых года.

Yesterday we had discussion in community about changing eye vision with alternative non-invasive methods.
Below I give only one example of explanation of my understanding the process of healing.
These are photos of my eyes. With difference one and half years.
My method of improving was used. There some results, not great one. My point is that such kind of change is very slow. That improvement was made in 17 months. Good news is that it is irreversible and not harmful. Surgery can be harmful.

Left pictures shows eyes lots dark space in eyes, right is more clear.                                                                 About those eyes. But few decades later.
                                                                                                                                                                          Речь идет об этих глаза. Десятки лет позже.

You see that my right eye was seriously worth.

Итак, доктор университетской медицины Андреа Гугенбергер сказала, что фотки совершенно идентичные...
Левая сделана в ноябре 2012.
Права сделана в мае 2014.
Полтора года разницы в снимках. Тот же самый кабинет, тот же самый прибор. Та же самая врач. Вы видите, что просветление весьма заметное.

We are talking about this eyes. But 30 years later.

Documentary from my ophtalmologists.
You can see, that my eye blood pressure normalized, from 23mm to 13mm.
Do not forget, that I am 55+

Документальные свидетельства о нормализации глазного давления.
Правый глаз был 23 единицы, теперь в норме: от 10 до 13 единиц.
Ниже письмо моего остеопата о результатах работы с телом.

Here is the letter from my ostheopathic doctor in Germany about changes in my body.

Dear Tatjana,

here the first notions to Your most wonderful "mesenchymal recovery"
I'm very keen on Your report on the way how You managed this result...

Astonishing Mesenchymal/Connective-Tissue-Recovery

Mrs. Andreeva drop into my office first in July 2009. I found here in a rather bad
"connective-tissue-constitution". Some clinical-examinations, x-rays etc. were
performed to document the actual physikal situation. She told me, she'd do
her own procedures to overcome this miserable constitutional problems.

How was I surprised when she mailed me her newest physical findings:
Skin showed much more vital turgor, good hair again on her head, eyes bright again,
(normalized eye-pressure documented), normal vertebral bone on X-rays and, most
impressing to me, even good recovery of a paradontic boneloss!

I had an immediate phonecall to Mrs. Andreeva and we'll meet again in April in my
office: I'm very keen on hearing about her successful way to achieve to this just sensational "connective-tissue mesenchym-recovery"!


Okay? See You!

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