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Artefacts from Ravne. "What a fantasy you have, Ms. Aspasia." I hear it all the time. Вещи из тунеля

Yesterday  spent couple hours near Tunel, but got few nice things. This is what they say to me: stone. Lets look at it.
Do you believe that such shape was made by nature? But water or, maybe, wind? I do not. This is nice image, fish? Does not really matter, who is it? It could be imaginary animal. But look where "tail" is. Two perfectly done lines with 90 degree angels, and some other simbols? Svastika?

По-моему, так очаровательный образ рыбы. Особенно хвост замечательный, со свастикой.

Rear side. Nicely polished. So, it was the side, on which this offering to gods were put in sacred place. Would be my expanation.

Обратная сторона практически необработана. Поэтому полагаю, что это были приношения божествам, их клали в святилищах перед алтарем.

The same image, standing.

Тот же образ, если его чуть повернуть.
Думаете, это работа природы? Я полагаю, человека.

Tool for house work. For nitting?

Приспособление для женской работы дома. Ответстие для нити?

Charming baby with big eye.

Очаровательный зверь. Не знаю, кто.

Now serous and boring things. Maybe more important, than.
I see few types of metal in tunel. I show them now.

Теперь скучные и серьезные вещи. Металл. Сразу настроение изменилось, да? Это тебе не динозавриков на камнях искать!!!

1 type. Enigmatic. Strong parts, not like Roman rusty swards, not like green greek bronz. What is it? I try to brake them, they are strong, very light. Covered with something that does not allow that part to rust. Second picture shows two cover layers.

2 type. I would call it "expanded metal".  Front part of small  sculpture. Сurly part, dark one, have complex structure. To make it possible only with drilling machine. More smoth part is "gilded" with yellow colour clay, with firing. I seems to me like lion head.

Вдруг это тот самый "вспененный металл". Чью картинку я нигде не нашла? Голова льва.

Rear side.
It is different. I see, as a sculptor, traces of "smoothing" surfaces. They look like row of dots or lines. You can see yellow little eye. The creature looks more like head of dinousaur.

Другая сторона головы. Видны линии замазывания шершавой поверхности. Так же выглядят многие скульптуры 20 века.

3 type. Similar to previous type, not so well developed. Some  people see it as conglomerat. You can see " smoothinп technique" here also.

Кусочек металла. Начало создания скульптуры?
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