May 15th, 2015

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Tunnel Ravne. 30th April 2015. Замечательное открытие 21 века.

Day for entry in a new section of tunnel finally came. On April 30, 2015, with a full protective equipment, rubber boots and waterproof suits, lamps and compasses we were ready for adventure. The team consisted of the following members:

- Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Discoverer and Principal Investigator of Bosnian Pyramids
- Anela Preljević, Archaeology (UCL London) and Foundation’s field archaeologist
- Mejra Kozlo, B.C. in Geology and Foundation’s field geologist of Foundation
- Engineer Osman Buza, assistant of Cantonal Minister for Economy
- Jock Doubleday, videographer and PR Director of the Foundation
- Edo Građan, employee of the Foundation

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Tunnel Ravne. Мощь камешка из туннеля Равне, Босния. Детали предмета каменного века под микроскопом.

You can think that such power should have some big stone. But this is tiny
artefact from pre-historic Tunnel Ravne, that lay on my two fingers. There are "ice arrow";
that "normally" make artefacts from Pyramid Valley. Also some part of ice is raised near the arrow.
Perhaps, quartz power playes the role.

Можно подумать, чтобы сделать такой кусок льда, нужно быть большим и сильный.
Не только ледяная "стрела", но и прямоугольный кусок "поднялся" над поверхностью льда.
Артефакт из Високо, который сделал это, умещается у меня на двух пальцах.
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