May 26th, 2015

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Pyramid power. Experiment with distilled water. Воздействие пирамиды на дистиллированную воду.

Experiment with distilled water and three-facetes stone pyramid.
I find this pyramid stone on  my privat land in Alps.
1. In the room without any working electric tools and-or noise. On the glass table.
2. Time of stone influence on the water about 4 hours.
3. Than sample was frozen in freezer in the isolated basement of my house.
4. We have 3 results. Stone under water, stone above water, water without stone.

PS. The most powerful result was in case of water under pyramid. Does it mean, that pyramid showes the most power under its base more than at the peak?

The sample of water was under pyramid. This is the most effective results!

Над образцом воды в контейнере стояла трехранная пирамиды.
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Сколько открытий у нас еще впереди.

Вот Вам пожалуйста.
Имплантанты делали до нашей эры.

Archaeologists discover 2,300-year-old dental implant in Iron Age burial chamber

A study in May, 2014 revealed the discovery of an Iron Age tooth implant among the remains of a Celtic woman in northern France. The implant is the oldest of its kind discovered in western Europe.

The finding was made in a 2,300-year-old richly furnished burial chamber in Le Chene, France. The iron implant, which is the same size and shape as incisors from her upper jaw, was found alongside the rest of her teeth. It is believed that the iron pin was covered with a wooden- or ivory-carved tooth