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Улыбайтесь, господа, улыбайтесь!

Хорошо бы классическую Грецию поковырять
Это сайт, где можно подписаться на раскопки древнегреческой Агоры.
Вот было бы здОрово.
Попробую на следующий год.

Материал для диссертации. Как находили портреты. Ну или то, что от них осталось

The Statue of Hadrian

Inevitably something is found at the end of the excavation season that must be left for the next season to fully explore. Just a few days after the discovery of the Altar of Zeus Agoraios, exploration of the Great Drain was progressing on the west side of Section Ε when the excavator noted another surprising find: “Digging away earth between cover slab and this block was found Statue of Roman Emperor, preserved from just below kilt to about shoulders, lying at a slant, lower part resting on low end of the fallen cover slab and body slanting down and outward to E.”

E 379.tif
The statue of Hadrian lying face down in the Great Drain, February 5,
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