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Ступни - важнейшая часть нашего организма. Не делайте так, как эти звезды!

Мне всегда казалось это невероятным. И странным, как минимум.
Из ТКМ (Традиционной китайской медицины) известно, что ступни - самая важная часть тела.
А вот как к той важнейшей части тела мы относимся.

1.Какие дефекты ступней можно заметитить на фотках?
2. Какое влияние это оказывается на здоровье? На самочувствие?


1. Paris Hilton: It's not easy being a size 11—take it from Paris Hilton. While her long legs usually make for a good distraction, this heiress actually has toes for days.

2. Kim Kardashian: When a pregnant Kim K. stepped out in these skin-squeezing sandals, we couldn't help but feel sorry for her feet. Instead of retiring her sky-high heels in favour of more reasonable footwear, Kim made her swollen feet look like (extremely painful) squished sausages.

3. Jennifer Garner: This beautiful mama may be quite content strolling the streets in her flip flops, but one little bugger caught our eye. See Jennifer's baby toe? Now that's what we call a stage five clinger.

4. Naomi Campbell: Not every supermodel has a flawless bod, believe it or not! Heels or no heels, Naomi Campbell's big toes are totally twisted.

5. Julianne Moore: We can't believe nobody stopped Julianne from walking the red carpet in these too-small shoes. With the heels' narrow tips and tight straps, it was one serious case of two pinky toes gone awry.

6. Katie Holmes: One thing's for sure: Though Tom Cruise jumped up on his feet to famously proclaim his love for Katie, he didn't fall for her because of her feet. Even in breathable flats, her little piggies look wonkier than we ever would've imagined.

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